The Kraken Wakes

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Hopkirk | 09:57 Sun 15th Apr 2018 | Radio
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Just to give a heads up.

There is an excellent updated version of John Wyndham's classic on Radio 4. It has been brought to modern times by Val McDermid, and was recorded with a live audience and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

Episode 1 is on iPlayer, titled Dangerous Visions and was broadcast on Saturday 14th at 3pm.


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And I thought this was going to be another thread about Russia/Putin !
I have read all John Wyndham's books . The books are far better than any film,screen play or radio adaptation. Just get hold of copies and read them.
Oh dear, I've missed it. I love John Wyndham. Mikey4444 did too. I haven't liked the radio adaptations recently though, so wonder if I'm better to remember the stories from the books which are wonderful. Agree with you totally Eddie.
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Helly, just listen on iPlayer radio. It's a really good version.
Helly, I think this is the same version that was broadcast a couple of years ago ans you listened to it at the time.
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Gosh yes, Calibax, you're right. I thought it was new.
Thank you Calibax. I apparently was disappointed with it, so won't try again. I think when we read books we visualise them and are often unhappy with anything that affects those memories.
That's true Helly but I think this version was quite good, unlike the BBC's recent adaptation of The Midwich Cuckoos which I didn't like much. Attempts to modernise the plot and the language took away from Wyndham's marvellous prose.
I agree Calibax.

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The Kraken Wakes

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