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Top Gear - Tom Cruise + C Diaz

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Hopkirk | 23:26 Sun 25th Jul 2010 | Film, Media & TV
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Did you see the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car tonight, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz?

What happened to Andy Garcia's winning time on the board that he set last week?

Strange that it disappeared. Was this so that Cameron Diaz's time would look better?


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Garcia didnt set the fastest lap, he was at least 3rd or 4th on the board last week
Question Author
Sorry, you are right.

I just checked it on iplayer, and he is there on 1 46.1

Another conspiracy theory bites the dust.
Clarkson asked the question when Tom Cruise went up on two wheels near the finish line, "What if he had got himself (Tom) killed?". Well, what would of happened? Would they have to stop risking peoples lives on that track?
I hate top gear but I did catch the tribute to Aryton Senna. More items like that and I may start watching it again
Senna piece was very good, I enjoyed it.
I have just posted on the sports page - can you imagine him being asked to move over as per yesterdays F1
I know what a legend?!

I must admit I have never heard the name until yesterday but that man could drive. They had no regards for their own lives just for winning. He was awesome.
I cannot believe you've never heard of him - yet I suppose its 16 years since he died - I cannot believe that either - time flies
Just heard on the radio that after tonight's repeat this weeks Top Gear will not be shown ever again due to copyright restrictions on the Aryton Senna flm.

I am still fuming about yesterdays F1 fiasco!!
Im only in my 20's. So I guess I missed it. I have an interest in car/bike racing etc... Just must have have been too young?!
He is a legend
Sad thing is I saw a Senna DVD in a £1 shop last week!
Bet its gone after the tribute last night
Top Gear should do more items like that not the childish stunts they have been doing
I agree. Last nights episode was better for it. Although I like the show and watch weekly. It has got a little more silly these last couple of seasons. I find myself tuning in and out for what I am interested in. That piece on Ayrton last night was good.
Could I point you all to gsr600's post in the sports section where we are trying to get individuals to email the bbc about maybe boycotting F1 after the disgracful result yesterday
Every post will help - thank you
aww I missed that, I still remember sennas death :(, he was my favourite driver, my favourite amongst a lot of races was the european gp at donnington where he had lapped almost the whole field.
Ric.ror - if you are so incensed then why don't you make it a personal campaign and not switch your tv on ever again. Then the rest of use can carry on in the real world and watch the remainder of the season.
I have lost interest in watching the remainder of the season now. Ric.ror is living in the real world. Once cheating like that has virtually been overlooked (only a token fine) then the whole season has been tarnished. It's a shame more people don't protest - then that's the British for you!!
But how can you enjoy the rest of the season after yesterdays fiasco
lottie if you have that thought then how did you watch the last 15 years of motor racing? ferrari were pulling bigger stunt that this when michael schumacher was there??
The real world is where you realise that is only Formula 1, just one version of motor racing, and motor racing is only one of a multitude of sports. It's just not that important.

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Top Gear - Tom Cruise + C Diaz

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