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operaghost | 22:31 Thu 03rd Feb 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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Does anyone remember these two tv shows, one from the BBC and one from ITV?

One was the story of a teenage girl being adopted by a middle class couple. Of course, she went off the rails and ran away, only for them to track her down again. I think the title may have been simply "Claire" or something similar. Think it was shown on BBC1 on a Thursday evening.

Second show was on ITV. Was the story of two brothers who were owners/managers of a car company. One of them was a part-time rally driver. The car that they were building in the show was called the 'Orbit' I think; was really a disguised Fiesta - was even a competition in the TV Times to win one!

Any further details would be gratefully received!




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I can give you an answer to the second question. I think the programme you are talking about was called On the line. It was aired roundabout 1979 and I think the car in question was actually the original Mini Metro and not the Fiesta
You are right about Claire. I think she was fostered to a couple and was a bit of a handful. I can't remember who starred in it but it was good drama. Claire always said Hello Hello when she met someone. This became a minor catchphrase in our house at the time. Sad but true.

Was the guy who played Claire's real father the Chef from Faulty Towers?

Tv Program was Claire


For details

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