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Jordan and ....

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smurfchops | 20:27 Tue 08th Dec 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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So who is Jordan with now ? Alex ? Who do we think is next to go out with her ? PS Lots of love Pete xx


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I didn't mean Lots of Love FROM Pete .. I meant TO Pete !!
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Her next publicity stunt will either be "I`m a lesbian" or "My cancer scare"
LOL Elvis. Wouldnt surprise me at all! i wish her and pete hadnt split up, they were made for eachother.
hes well rid of her - the tr*llop! lol
Gawd knows I wouldn't touch her with a barge pole!
I wouldn't even touch her with YOUR barge pole, RIG!
I bet you anything you like the silly man goes back to her....
she did the cancer scare in her finger a few years ago!
I think you are right Salla - as much as I like old Pete - I do think he loves the publicity aswell.
I think he will go back to her because I think he is the sort of bloke who genuinely does not want a marriage or a family unit to break up - one of those guys who thinks marriage should be forever. I think he has old fashioned family values, and comes from the sort of family where divorce is still a sort of disgrace.

If he does though, I think he will live to regret it.
I think at the moment Salla - he is riding high on his record deal, public appearances, new fragrance , photo shoots etc etc but I think this will be short lived. Mind you, while he has his manager (who ate all the pies, Clare) working for him, I don't think she will advise him to go back to Katie.
I see Amy Winehouse is back with her there's a match made in hell........
Peter only got together with her to create a career, as his had disappeared.

I see he has continued with it, appearing on camera whenever he can. He would turn up at the opening of a paper bag.

I'm fed up with the two of them, though if forced, I would go to the pub with him.
I would leg it down the road if on my own with her.

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Jordan and ....

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