Movie - Whats the title?

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ainitatyb | 14:09 Fri 09th Oct 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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Its an old movie in which a man has to learn the value of money. On the death of a relative he can inherit a large sum provided he can prove that he can spend a certain amount within a month and have nothing to show for it. He embarks on a spending spree to loose all of the money. The only scene I remember is the final scene when minutes before the deadline people keep returning money to him and he is still trying to get rid of it. When he succeeds and achieves the inheritance someone calls at the door to try and sell him something and he tells the seller he can buy if for a lower price at a local store. Does anyone know the title? Thanks


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The 1945 version of Brewster's Millions ?
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Many thanks

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