Im still foaming....

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hollie1586 | 20:13 Mon 10th Nov 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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from the boot off on X Factor!! laura was my absolute fave! the wrong people were in the bottom two! it should have been rachel and daniel and daniel should have gone!!


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wasn't rachel off key though?
and the judges kept going on about how well she did
and then told laura, who did an amazing job singing and playing the piano, that that was one of her weakest perfomances?

crazy , but i think louis did it, because she was the biggest competition for him ,

laura's gonna make it anyway with a voice like herss
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and cheryl said something about louis turning JLS into westlife. so i suppose it was more of a personal thing with louis. he is obsessed with westlife...heaven knows why?!?!
He is obsessed with Westlife because they have made him loads of money and they are popular!
Surely the bottom line is:

After viewers spending money on calls, surely the contestant with least votes should leave.

It is pointless the judges being involved. 1) Simon often says 'the final two will be judged on their performance in the 'sing-off'.' Then 2) Simon says 'I must protect my own act'.

Ludicrous. But of course a money-earning exercise via telephone.
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i cannot stand westlife
she didnt get the votes to stay in, END OFF !!
calm down dear its a reality tv show
It's all a matter of taste but personally I don't like the sound of Laura's voice and I am glad she has been voted off. Also I agree with Simon about her image and this week she looked pregnant in that long dress.
Laura and Rachel both sang off key and I'm suprised this seemed to go unnoticed.Can't believe Ruth keeps getting in the bottom 2, I think given her own choice of song she seems to be very passionate in her singing.
Looking forward to Diana coming back, I love her quirkiness.
funny how one minute cheryls saying its ok for diana to just "stand & sing cos its a singing competition" when louis said diana should dance a bit. But then she has the cheek to comment on jls about they should be dancing not just standing there singing! make ur mind up cheryl love. lol i'm soooo glad she was tearful on sat. shouldn't have saved Daniel from a couple of weeks ago dear. You only have yourself (and louis) to blame.
I agree Rachel should go (still can't work out who is actually voting for her), but at the end of the day it is down to the public, the judges can only put off those with fewest public votes each week so it's down to the public to save them!
Why don't they just skip a few weeks and go straight to the sing-off between Alexandra, JLS and Rachael...all the others are pants (IMHO!)
Laura looked and sounded better at the auditions, she was natural, now with all the "makeovers" and the mentors choice of songs she was going downhill! Hopefully her natural talent will be spotted and appreciated!

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Im still foaming....

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