10 years younger

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warpig3 | 22:04 Tue 24th Jun 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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Well, what age did you thing the lady looked after all that treatment?................41?????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I think not (imo), more of a fine looking 50.

Granted, she did look terrible before the face lift and looked a million times better, but 41?

And as for Nicky Hambleton-Bambleton-Jones, how come she never gets any older, does she get freebies?


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i dunno, warpig, but both look amazing now, don't they? I got a nice compliment from K Jnr just now, watching it - he said, "Mum, you look at leat 10 years younger than she does." (I'm 55!!!) Must be the Welsh weather - keeps our skin wrinkle-free!!
I agree... better but no way 41!!! I completely agree... Nicky HJ DEFINITLEY gets freebies....weekly by the looks of things!!
I was shocked at the colour of her hair when she was in the hairdressers... but when she was "revealed" its looked much more palletable and great cut!!
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Kleiber, maybe you should bottle the welsh weather and sell it. psst, I'll take half a dozen

MissChatty, I agree, her hair definitely didn't look as ;bright' in the final shots, and great cut too. Think that is the thing sometimes, the cut, if its done right and suits the face then you are on to a winner.
I thought she looked older before and her age after. It always amazes me how the people they ask, cannot correctly guess someone's true age. Some idiots were saying she looked 32 after her make over. There is no way she would ever pass for anything under 40.

Nicky Hambleton-Jones in my opinion, doesn't know how to dress properly either and she always makes the makeovers on the show dress like her, with all those daft wide patent belts and stupid coloured tights. And for God's sake, why doesn't she get some nice glasses, they look like something Olive from On The Buses would wear on a night out.
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I know what you mean about the people who guess their ages, if she looks 41 then I look 30 by comparison (I dont).

As for NH-J taste in clothes, they always seem a bit 80's to me. Also, half way through the programme there was a lady saying that wide belts were out and skinny ones were in, so what does Bambleton-Jones do, put her in a wide belt!
I thought the same Warpig.
I switched on just after they had done her up and were asking people what age they thought she was, I thought she looked between 45 and 50. One guy said 25!!!! No wonder they managed to get an average of 41. She looked great though despite NHJ dressing her up.
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She did look fab, no doubt about it, you should have seen her wrinkles before the face lift, it really did take years off her.
got to agree with velvetee she makes them like mirror images of herself sometimes LOL!
I thought the woman's hair was way too bright and orangy in the hairdresser's glad it was toned it down a bit when they showed you at the end
I still like watch it but think Gok Wan is much better!!!!

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10 years younger

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