The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

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Bewlay Bros | 01:42 Tue 29th Jan 2008 | Media & TV
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Isn't this just the best 1 min 10 sec openning to any film ever?

If you haven't seen this film, then may I suggest you do. Ignore the German subtitles, the film is so slow (in a good way) it does not matter.

If you do not know the plot, basically it is based on the true story of a mentally retarded man who simply appears in a German town with nobody knowing his original existence.


"A 70's masterpiece, with a beautiful soundtrack. The acting of the main protagonist, Bruno. S, who himself suffered the utmost despictable upbringing, gives the real life character of Kaspar Hauser a haunting realism"

The Daily Ward, January 2008.


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excellent movie. Someone remade it recently but I didn't bother going to watch it. I also like the opening of The Big Easy - swooping along the bayous - and Mean Streets.
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Are you certain it has been remade recently??

I am unaware of such.
not strictly a remake, more a retelling of the same story. And not as recent as I thought.
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Great write ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Again I can not reiterate how good the above one is though.

When Britain used to be Great britain .
Before we became a muslim state .
very interesting, TheEpsilon, but are you sure you're on the right thread?

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The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

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