Ashley Cole's 'cheating'

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AB Asks | 11:07 Tue 29th Jan 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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Reports hit the headlines on Friday that Ashley Cole had cheated on his pop star wife Cheryl Cole. He had apparently got incredibly drunk to the point of vomiting with friends and then he went on to have sex with a hairdresser. Since then another blonde has come out of the woodwork claiming to have slept with the football player. What do you think? Would someone really make something like this up completely? Or has the Girls Aloud singer married a cheat?


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who cares !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL, 'vomiting with friends', is that what people do these days, in my day we just went for a pizza, a few drinks and maybe some ten pin bowling. How times have changed, vomiting with friends, well I never.

Sorry, in answer to your question, I really dont care.
Footballers cheating that original???
lol warpig, i was thinking same as you! I must have led a sheltered life, ive never been vomitting with friends.

Came close with little CRX last week though when he threw up in my face lol
lemme see, is this Media or TV? I mean, is AB accusing Cole of being a TV or what?
you should of put this question in the football section!

you would have then realised that the new SAB is dreadful and perhaps changed it back to what it was?
at the very least it should have been in celebrity gossip, in the absence of a jackanory section
PLEASE post these rubbish questions in "Celebrity Gossip" where they belong.
It makes a change from the weekly " Is Britney in desperate need of help or is she a loon?" question if nothing else.
Give the guy a break. Which of us hasn't got drunk to the point of vomiting and then had sex with a hairdresser? I know I have.
the marriages of these young celebrities never never work out or very few.

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Ashley Cole's 'cheating'

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