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Reverandfunk | 10:11 Thu 27th Sep 2007 | Media & TV
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I watched Crimewatch last night and there were two murders featured that happened 30 YEARS ago.

The point of them featuring them being what exactly?

Whatever happened to re-enactments of bank robberies with robbers wearing silly masks....


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I think its because of the new found technology within DNA, and catching killers who thought they had got a away with it.

With the new DNA matching, killers can still be caught many years after committing a crime.

Also, the guy who committed the above could commit again, if he/she isnt caught.

But I do see your point though.
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Come on though Spaced, 30 years!

Well I didn't remember any details at the time but having watching some detectives wearing flares it's all coming back to me....

Also, with the passage of time peoples' allegencies change and 30 years is a long time to keep a secret. Whispers will have surrounded these incidents and I suppose that those together with forensic advances mean that there will be a better chance of catching the murderers..........
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Or everyone connected could be dead
If you were in any way related to or loved those people who were murdered 30 yrs ago you would not be asking this question.
If, and it's a pretty big IF, the police are convinced that they know who their man is AND there has been a burial, they will conduct either an exhumation to prove it, or take DNA samples from a close family member................

Contrary to popular belief, the files on murders are NEVER closed unless they are solved !
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I know if it was a member of my family I would feel different but come on 30 years?
What would you suggest to be a reasonable amount of time to look for a killer, Rev ?

And then what if he/she was found AFTER your given window of opportunity ?

Are you suggesting that if you can run from the law for long enough you should be allowed to get away with it ?
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Did I say that Monkey?

What are the chances of catching a killer 30 years after the event?

I don't think there should be any sort of window, but being realistic what chance is there of catching the person?

They or key witnesses could be dead
Living in Australia
Have moved numerous times
Had plastic surgery
etc etc
Just because the chances are slim doesn't mean that there are no chances.................Genette Tate being a very recent/very old (1978) case in point.

If there weren't difficulties then the case would have been solved years ago.............

However, I believe that it ain't over 'til it's over and that all avenues should be exhausted until there is a satisfactory conclusion.
rev you are extremly also make some valid points

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