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Really! i need help finding a film

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danewesley | 04:02 Tue 12th Jun 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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ok so it was 7 years ago i watched this i was only 11, i think it was a spanish film...and this is all i can remember;

it was on channel 4, there was a gangster kinda guy in it who sang the words "pit bull" then some women would sing "terrier". erm the film was mainly about a wedding..and an old man died in the film but they put him in a bath of ice for a few days so it wouldnt ruin the wedding...he turned out to be just sleeping for like a week. at the end of the film i think the woman who was supposed to get married didnt, but she went away with the man she really loved who was a giant.

thats all i can remember from the film, please please please help! thanks so much in advance.


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You saw the Yugoslavian Black Cat, White Cat

It looks utterly bonkers so I've added it to my must see list.



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thank you so much!

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Really! i need help finding a film

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