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cyrus | 21:22 Thu 14th Aug 2003 | Film, Media & TV
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What is or was the name of Frasier's wife in the sitcom 'Frasier'?


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Her name is Lilith.
I might be wrong,its been a long time since I watched this proramme,but I thought Lillith was the wife of Frasiers brother.
LordAlmighty's right. Frasier's brother (Niles) was married to Maris (but is now married to Daphne)
Fraiser's brother's wife's name is Merise (although I am unsure of the spelling)
no no no they are correct it is lillith merris was the first wife of niles who was very nuerotic!!
lillith was a psychiatrist as well as frasier and appeared with him in cheers
hey now im not wrong, ive been wacthin cheers recently and lilith is 100 % frasiers wife, and i watch frasier.
they are divorced in frasier but they were together in cheers
tml I
dont like it when people say im wrong when im right. read this.
You are right Lord Almighty.

Lilith was Frasier's wife in 'Cheers' and also in 'Frasier', although they are now divorced. Maris was the unseen, but much talked obout wife of Nils - who is now married to Daphne.

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thanx all for the answer......
yepp bang on lord almighty its lilith.

all these people ranting about how knowledgeable and accurate they are and they didn't even mention her full name:

Dr Lilleth Amelie Sternin.

I'm not a fanatic, but surely anyone who'd watched cheers would know this...

ps. just noticed the date on this thread- let me know if you read this comment!!!

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