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No Marty or Eddie :(
Great shots of the folder and coffee cup. Well done picture editor.
Splendid news! If the cat really is out of the bag, let's hope we don't have too long to wait for the meow :-)
A great show and will be interesting, having being watching repeats of Cheers lately I remember thinking that I never warmed to the Frasier character at the time.
Great news, if it’s true, and not just speculation.
Good. Or will be depending on the new scripts.
He might just be reusing a folder!
Question Author
Talk of a new series has been rumoured for s while now

Grammer himself has been talking about it

Him pictured holding the 'script ' was by design most likely
I've never seen it (but then I've never seen Cheers, Friends, Roseanne or most other US sitcoms either).

Bring back 'Soap'!

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Another Helping Of Frasier Anyone ?

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