Celebrity programme on Ch4 maybe BBC2???

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Lan | 14:25 Fri 15th Sep 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Can anybody remember a programme a few years ago where two random celebs (usually ones that had never met before) would have dinner together in front of a camera. I was thinking about it last night and kind of remember Jimmy Saville & Janet Street Porter been on it.


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I semi rememer this... Did they have one with James Hewitt (ew) and Jodie Marsh (ew ew ew)?
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Thats possible it did seem to have some dodgy people on. I think it was on quite late too.
was it called diners or something? i'm sure it was BBC2
i found this old review on the web 58/is_20020925/ai_n12648385

this is the one i'm thinking of. hope it helps:)
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yes I think it was, Michael Winner is ringing loud bells I forgot about the non-celebs though , thanks babyphantom.

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Celebrity programme on Ch4 maybe BBC2???

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