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glammapus | 20:26 Fri 16th Jun 2006 | Media & TV
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It was about a man with a boil on his shoulder which kept growing and growing until it started talking, it grew so big it grew arms and legs and took over the mans body until he ended up being the boil. The evil boil ended up taking over the world wearing a suit etc.Any ideas please?


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Was this a dream glammapus?
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Definately not a dream as i only dream of sexy Portugese footballers and sara lee double chocolate gateau. (preferably together)

I still need answers for my previous question though

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Thank you Ellipsis thats brilliant!
top notch film, richard e grant at his best
Brilliant film! I love Richard E Grant
joko, come on, surely his best is Withnail & I??

Ohh helliebobs !! Withnail and I is defintely his best film (I do like Jack and Sarah though, awww).

Monty you terrible ****, Ill have 2 pints of cider with ice!

well of course helliebobs, i didn't mean it was his best ever film, just that he was doing the type of acting he does best - over dramatic and ranting...;o)
ooh "Withnail and I" is GREAT!
"We've come on holiday by mistake!" rofl

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