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Alf | 13:43 Mon 27th Feb 2006 | Media & TV
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Can't believe I fell asleep at the end!! Can anyone tell me what was the number one of last night's 100 Greatest Funny Moments. I've tried Channel 4's website. By the way, Leo Sayer on the treadmill - Priceless!!!


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Peter Kay was first . No particular bit , just his general stand up routine.
Didn't watch the programme, but you've made me smile, just thinking about that Leo Sayer clip makes me laugh, I remember actually watching the programme when it happened, me and my sis couldn't stop laughing for ages after it.
The clips of Fern Britton corpsing had me in fits of giggles. Much as I love Peter Kay and Ricky Gervais, I don't think the programme should have included stand up routines.
if ricky gervais stand up was included should hvae had his humpty dumpty routine from politics - never laughed so much in all my life !
The funniest thing I ever saw on tv was on Esther Rantzen's That's Life.

With the stuffed cat. :)

Oh God yes , the stuffed cat!

That made us scream with laughter. Was it in the top 100 last night , I missed the first 3?

I too fell asleep, anyone know if it's to be repeated soon?
Seems everyone like me had laughed themselves to sleep before the end.. I lasted up to about 22. Leo sayer top quality but for me it was Junior Kick Start and the St Johns Ambulance guys and (peter purves?) calling them the keystone cops. Fond recollections of school holidays watching one of the best shows from my childhood.
im not a huge fan but youve gotta respect meat loaf for the stunning musical question and answer session with avid merrion. ball acheingly funny and an international megastar who's not afraid to take the **** out of himself. top stuff
Hi does anyone know the actual nameof the young lad who fell and hurt his nether regions on junior kickstart? he must be in his thirties now! A friend of mine has challenged me to meet him and have my photo taken with him! Any ideas would be gratefully recieved

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