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Dr Who

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Vagus | 18:49 Sat 22nd Jun 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Goodness me, who thinks up this rubbish? If I was an actor I wouldn't go near it 🙄



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I think these days it's written by a big pink machine and has a choreographer instead of a director.

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Dyou watch it dougie? OH loves this junk so we have it on every Saturday, thankfully the last one tonight.

I watched a couple of minutes of the latest incarnation, Vagus. I don't think it's aimed at me now, if it ever was.

More mincing and prancing than the burger outlet at the Spanish Riding School.

I haven't watched it since the sixties from behind the sofa

What the programme needs is an injection of multiple sink plungers into it 😊

That's why I was behind the sofa

Not watched for a while. Became too woke and ultra inclusive instead of spinning a yarn worth watching. Sign of the unfortunate times we live in.

As I was watching tonight's drivel, I was thinking how I used to look forward to watching dr who - 50 years ago! 

Relentless music -  which did not let up from beginning to end - drove me mad.  I only watched to see what all the hype was about and if the vast amounts of cash Disney has lobbed in its direction has produced something good, or at least watchable.  No - a load of self-important tosh.


And Gatwa should decide on which accent to use - his Scottish one kept breaking through. 


What next? Inventing television?

I have watched the odd one now and again, with the different incarnations of The Doctor and a few Christmas specials, but not really bothered with it since Tom Baker and K-9... facinated by a robotic talking dog. 

It's a show for kids. We ain't kids anymore.

I like it - most of the time.

Dreadful. Bring back David Tennant.

Also, I used to like that each story was 4, 5 or 6 episodes in the old days, so you had to wait all week for the 'how do they get out of that' moment. Its just not right that a hour episode is one 'story'. However, just thought I'd share my favourite episode of the 'modern era'.



Complete and utter twaddle.  Can't believe anyone watches it.

I ceased to be interested when Patrick Troughton went.

I remember we were all fascinated at the way William Hartnell wore his hair at what was, for the time, a challenging length.

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