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Boy Goes Missing In Tenerife

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smurfchops | 22:26 Thu 20th Jun 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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But did you know he stabbed someone in the head with a machete when he was 15?  Karma?? 



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Where did you see that?

so he er probably could look after himself in a fight ?

Just because a teen is brave in a gang with a machete against one lad it doesn't mean he can stand up for himself alone, unarmed when in trouble 

To answer the question I don't believe in karma. There are too many very bad people living very good lives who go unpunished; too many good people suffering without relief

yeah karma seems to miss out on some really bad people

BUT a mandarin ( animist) said to me -" you were sent cancer because you have the strength  to overcome it" I was quite flattered that she allowed me to enter the realm of her religious thought

yeah but no but - as a juryman ( 2017) we were very aware that if we convicted a 16 y old, then he wd very likely spend the resst of  his LIFE going in an out  of prison..... and never  having a  job.....awful scrote

That's a shocking thing to say. It implies children and adults die with cancer because they couldn't be bothered to fight it.

How many times have you served on the jury, PP? 

Fair question, but just no idea why this is in the Film, Media & TV category?

I don't know why it's in the wrong category.

There is no evidence that he stabbed anyone in the head.  He was convicted of violent disorder and sentenced to 18 month community order with 25 days rehabilitation activities and 150 hours unpaid work.

Dreadful behaviour during the attack and throughout the trial, all the same

Still think this whole story is very very odd indeed. 

It is possible that he is lying in a crevice in the mountains and the nasty text messages his mother received were some sick individual's idea of a joke.

The idea that he is being held captive by men he owes money to seems far-fetched.

Aye, but what do any of us know?

Only what is reported in the media.  As I understand it the men from the Air B&B were spoken to by police in Tenerife and in the UK and there is no suspicion on them. 


It is interesting that the Mail Online chose to disclose that the owner of the Air B&B "was disqualified from public office for a year after being convicted of ‘prevarication’ in relation to the running of an elderly day care centre" but not the missing man's previous conviction.

I'm sure Facebook etc. will be awash with tributes however it ends.

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Boy Goes Missing In Tenerife

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