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'You' - Netflix - Potential Spoiler

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naomi24 | 13:53 Wed 19th Jun 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Boy meets girl, becomes obsessed with girl.... but (not to give the game away) there are 'consequences'.  


A thriller, a black comedy - I'm not sure how I would categorise it but I'm finding it very watchable.  


Has anyone else seen it?





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I loved it Naomi! Must admit it's not everyone's cup of tea. We watched 2 series. My husband wasn't too bothered about watching any more, as he didnt like it as much as me but I will at some point be watching the rest of series. 😁

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I'm not at the end of the first series yet Patsy but I'm hooked. 

Oh, you'll definitely be hooked Naomi! 😁

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If you're still looking in, Patsy, I'm on to series 2.  Flipping heck!  It's a bit grisley to say the least!  I'm watching on.

😁 It gets 'better'...

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I'm up to the finger and the demise of the thug.  What a looney!  

Like I said, not everyone's cup of tea! 😁

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How easy for girls to fall for it though, Patsy.  

I know. There's a lot out there like that, unfortunately. Scary.

It's quite shocking at times. Fasten that seat belt! Fascinating though..😁



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I feel like a googleboxer watching it.  I'm talking to the television!  Oh no!!!!

I was the same! I really must get back into it. 😄

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'You' - Netflix - Potential Spoiler

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