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The Nevermets

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naomi24 | 13:51 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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//Long-distance lovers turn their virtual romance into reality as they meet face-to-face for the first time and immerse themselves in each other's worlds... will their connections flourish or fail?//


I've watched a couple of episodes - some sad, some perplexing, some jaw-dropping.  I'll watch on.



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Who, in your opinion, is emotionally damaged in this series, Andy?

naomi - // andy hughes, in one breath you say you don't watch anything that exploits 'emotionally damaged' people - assuming that these people are emotionally damaged - and in the next you contradict yourself simply because you won't concede that you haven't watched it and therefore cannot speak from experience. //

Please feel free to point out the post on this thread where I confirmed that I don't " ... watch anything that exploits 'emotionally damaged' people ...".

That will need to be there in order for me to 'contradict myself', because  I, quote " ... won't concede that you haven't watched it and therefore cannot speak from experience."

Since you seem to have trouble not jumping to the conclusions that suit your position, I must repeat yet again - you do not know if I have watched the programme or not, you are making an invalid assumption based on what suits you, not what you actually know to be true.

Barry - I have not seen enough to form a valid opinion yet.

Question Author

andy hughes, baloney.

Naomi - Succint and erudite as ever - next I expect either a 'can't be bothered arguing...', or radio silence, your standard responses when your argument is dismantled for all to see.

Question Author


Just another freakshow.

Naomi  - Don't be so hard on yourself, everyone makes a fool of themselves sometimes.

Instead of being rude to me, why don't you address my post asking for evidence to support your inaccuracies.

Question Author

andy hughes, you're gunning for a row and I'm not.  Whether based on experience or, as I suspect, otherwise, I really couldn't care less for your opinions.  In short I can't be bothered with your silly arguments.  They designed to create conflict and that's something I don't need.

I do think this sort of show is taking advantage of people that are an Halfpenny short of a shilling. Where as it's not quite as blatant as going to the loony bin on Sunday to laugh at the in mates there is a modern parallel. These people are at best just not on the pace, they cannot see what the rest of us see.

Naomi - Option One - 'can't be bothered...'.

Your standard response when your incorrect posts are pointed out.

On to the next one then ...


Question Author


Ever tried plaiting fog?

It's not as hard as debating with Naomi!

Question Author

andy hughes, for goodness sake get a grip!  Unlike the 'Undateables' which deals with people who suffer from conditions that make it difficult for them to find partners, there is nothing whatsoever in this programme to indicate that those taking part are 'emotionally damaged'.   Your unqualified psychological diagnosis is a figment of your imagination - so what do you want to debate?  Your unqualified diagnosis or your determination to disrupt yet another thread? 

After reading this thread I started watching it.  Oh boy it sure is slow going.  This is my first episode and most of it is repeating themselves over and over again.

naomi - // so what do you want to debate?  //

Why you think you can assume what I do or don't watch, with no evidence, and then criticse me for it, twice, when you have been advised that your accusation is baseless.

Let's start there shall we?

Feel free to have an attack of the vapours and be a shrinking violet who doesn't like a row, or simply abandon the discussion and start again somewhere else.

Either are entirely expected.

Question Author

andy hughes, if it's the best you can do - and I know it is - feel free to launch the usual personal attacks.  :o)))


Ladybirder, I record everything so I can zoom through the repetitive bits of programmes as well as any adverts that might pop up.

Get a room you two!

Question Author

Perhaps you and gulliver can recommend somewhere, TTT.  You two meet far more regularly.

Naomi - // andy hughes, if it's the best you can do - and I know it is - feel free to launch the usual personal attacks. //

The 'can't be bothered option ....'.

Thought so!

Now comes the radio silence ...

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