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What Makes Someone Choose To Be A...

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pastafreak | 20:34 Sun 26th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Sword swallower???

A young woman just appeared on BGT....and she was AMAZING. But what she did was scary as hell. What leads to a person even trying it?



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I guess they try to lose their gag reflex, and it just builds up from there.

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Aren't there easier ways?

 What leads to a person even trying it? ......... Years ago (many) in my youth I remember lots of circuses who had these type of acts.   Knife swallowers, roller skaters, jugglers, trapeze artists, trampolinists and many others.   They were all Russian or Eastern European trained from a very early age ....very much like they trained athletes with talent.  From Simon and the other so-called celebrities' amazment, they think these are new acts.   They were really common and I can't understand their reactions ...... acting up for television ?

well, if you want to work for Gillette or Wilkinsons, you have to pass this test....


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teacher1...I did think that a lot of the successful acts looked like the sort that travelled with circuses in the past. 

Lol, DT. 

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What Makes Someone Choose To Be A...

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