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Corrie Lately

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elliemay1 | 22:47 Sat 13th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Anyone still watching? Daft storyline where Maria had a 'secret' camera in the living room. Would have been almost impossible for Gary & Liam not to spot it!



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You'd be surprised.  A couple of years ago I removed my wife's favourite painting from the living room and she is yet to notice. I like to think I'd notice but I didn't notice when my wife had her plaits cut off and adopted a bob hairstyle.  

I do wonder how carers and cleaners never notice the hidden cameras that catch them thieiving from or abusing their vunerable clients - I would expect them to be on the lookout for such devices.

From what I remember of Maria she'd have my full and undivided attention in any room.

Yes, I still watch but more out of habit than anything else.  All this Lauren/Roy stuff is really dragging on now, it's really boring. 

I'm pretty sure who the secret boyfriend is due to the confirmation of a returning character so it's going to be something to do with him.

It's never been the same since Elsie Tanner departed.

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Who is the returning character? 

Nathan Curtis, now out of prison - he's the one who groomed Bethany Platt

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Thanks brainiac, I can only briefly remember that!

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Corrie Lately

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