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For The Love Of Dogs On Tv

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Moorea7 | 18:24 Tue 09th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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For anyone who is interested, just noticed that the new series of "For the Love of Dogs" with Alison Hammond starts on Tuesday, 16 April at 8 p.m. on ITV1, ITVX, STV1, STV Player.




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I look forward to this - Alison Hammond has stated she will never replace the iconic Paul O'Grady but hopes to shine a light
on the brilliant work done by Battersea. 

I can't understand people refusing to watch it because of the host.  Surely the dogs are the stars and purpose of the show

Does she even own a dog.... No!

Does she have a lifestyle that is suitable for dog ownership?

Sad how criticism is so rife in cyberspace.

It's about dogs, not presenters. 

Woof woof.

She's admitted she's never had a dog or interacted with dogs. It would be a bit like me presenting Masterchef.

Let's give her a chance before sending her to the gallows 

The fact that she hasn't had experience of dogs, may make her even more open to what she experiences when doing the show. She also comes across as having a warm and open personality. I like her on Bake-off and wasn't sure I would.

I would love to see you presenting Masterchef Prudie - much better than current incumbents 😊  😊  😊  😊  😊  😊  😊  😊  

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For The Love Of Dogs On Tv

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