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Itv This Morning Presenters

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Theblip | 12:38 Mon 01st Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I had definitely grown tired of Phil & Holly long before they went, but I can't warm to the new pairing of Ben & Cat - they just don't do it for me.  What do you think of them, and who'd be your ideal hosts of this show?



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I think it's going to take time to get used to them. And also them to the change. 

I don't watch daytime tv but I obv know who they are. Maybe, as has been said, viewers just aren't used to them yet? Mind you, how many years has this show been going now??

Never watched the program and never will.

Ben is brill but I have never 'warmed' to Cat - she makes my teeth itch

Same here Red, no idea why tho lol.

I don't dislike the woman just don't warm to her its strange

Yep, exactly the same - she just irritates me !

I don't like her either and don't have the greatest warmth for Ben


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I think she has a cold, hard demeanour, and doesn't smile naturally.  And hes never struck me as sincere either.  My favourite is Josie with her very natural West Country warmth

No time at all for This Morning but i dare say some people have. It seem the powers that be don't learn any lessons of the past. They still aim to put all their eggs in one basket by making one or two people very famous presenters along with a stupid salary, they then become very boring, why they dont have a several presenters on different days and spread the cost beats me. Sooner or later they become targets when they become to famous like we have seen in the past, and it appears its already going that way with the present two just seeing some of the comments on here. 

Its very much like on AB, secret mods are able to perform their job better than a named, or well known one. Well thats just my view?

^ Familiarity breeds contempt.

Like Alison Hammond - she's on absolutely everything these days, including TV and radio, but I don't know many people who actually like her. 

I dont think its always a case of not really liking them or not, people just get tired of seeing the same people doing everything, theres got to be many others who have the talent needed, or even given the chance. But of course it may be the norm, its not what you know, but who you know? 

How about Johnnie Vaughan and Gabby Roslin?

How about not watching at all...if you really dislike the presenters?

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Itv This Morning Presenters

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