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The Push.

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anneasquith | 00:53 Wed 06th Mar 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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The Push  channel 4 / 4;extra . Worth a look .



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Not for me, I prefer to be entertained by fictional murders

Interesting programmes that give the viewer a good insight into the world of Islam. No wonder there is now an area in Yorkshire that has become known as 'Rochdalistan'.

Objectively, the British went into India and imposed British ways and standards to a very different society.  Perhaps we are witnessing with Muslim immigrants only what we have done in the past.

In conclusion the Indians did not like it and rose up.  Will this happen in the United Kingdom?

A different situation though isn't it. A different time when taking over whatever territory your nation could was considered perfectly ok, and no one was in a position to become the majority population in the land that they had taken over. These days, those in power allow, through inaction, situations to arise, because we have no one with the ability or strength to lead and govern wisely.

I watched both parts of 'The Push' Anne.  "Enjoy" is not the word I would use, but I found the whole court process interesting and it showed quite starkly the different cultures.

Rather gave the verdict away calling it 'The Push', did it not?

The judge looked like a rough-sleeper who'd wandered into the wrong building :)

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The Push.

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