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Belle Dingles Coat

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jesmond | 13:16 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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My niece is obsessed with Belle Dingles camel coloured coat shes been wearing lately. Have searched internet till Im worn out so can anyone help on here please? Thank you



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Hi Jesmond,  If she is wearing it, why are you looking for it online? Just wondering. 

You will get it in a thrifty shop

Is it a camel coat which is a particular style, or just a camel coloured coat? 

Belle Dingles, is that a brand?

She is a character on Emmerdale 

Has she got the coat already as she seems to be wearing it lately? 

I see no wonder I'm clueless not watched a soap in decades! So we are looking for a coat worn by a soap character!


Oh I get it now!  Belle Dingles is in Emmerdale and she is wearing a camel coat all the time !  Maybe you could contact Belle Dingles on Emmerdale via Twitter or something? Get her real name?  

We gave up on Emmerdale when that plane crashed and wiped out half the cast in 1993.  Still remember the Dingles though

I just googled --'Belle Dingle ,Emmerdale 'and got a whole page of coats of every description that Belle wears. Prices ,suppliers etc,. The camel coat might be one of them .

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She will have to look herself, I give up lol

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I described it as camel coloured as it looks darker then beige on the tele.

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Belle Dingles Coat

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