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Which Tv Thrillers Are You Currently Watching?

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naomi24 | 16:45 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
42 Answers

Looking for recommendations we can get our teeth into.



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New episodes of the original Law and Order with an aging Jack McCoy. Tuesdays 9pm on 5 USA. Not bad but then I enjoyed the original series

we are watching true detective season 4.  Theya are all independent so you dont need to have watched 1-3

I hardly watch any telly at all.  (I've only had the set on for an hour or so since New Year's Eve).  So I'm clearly not the best person to answer this.

However, if you missed it when it was hidden away on BBC Three last year, I can strongly recommend taking a look at 'Wreck' on BBC iPlayer.  It's a 6-part thriller, with more red herrings than a Soviet fishing fleet and a little bit of slasher-style blood and gore thrown in.  It's also very funny!

My wife and I like watching Death in Paradise. The denouement usually comes at the very end of the programme, which gives us plenty of time to "deduce" who the culprit is.

You must be superwoman , 12 hours a day on AB and still time to watch tv ?

Question Author

Thanks for your answer, anneasquith.   Helpful and pleasant as always.  :o)

How do you manage to do it though Naomi ?

Just finished watching True Detective - absolutely brilliant! Currently watching Trigger Point - also fantastic. Also latest series of Vera.

Question Author

To do what, anneasquith?

Gullivers travels is always pretty good.

The ladies are multitasking, so I'm told.

We've just finished The Long Shadow, still available on ITVX and enjoyed it, not exactly a thriller though.

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I saw that, Barry.  Superb!  

Prisoner BBC4 - Set in a Danish prison; it features Sofie Grabol (Sara Lund in The Killing). Subtitled but a really good watch.

I also liked The Couple Next Door

How do you manage to spend 12 hours on AB and have time to watch tv ?

When is Vera on and what channel please

Question Author

Anneasquith, I don't spend 12 hours a day on AB.  Nowhere near it.  Your counting needs brushing up.

cal, Vera was on ITV recently but has now finished - you can watch them all from the very first episode to the last on ITVX

Vera - Watch Episode - ITVX

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