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After The Flood….. Don’t Read On If You’ve Recorded But Not Started Watching Yet!

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Smowball | 11:43 Sat 17th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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We started watching this lastnight and watched the 1st two episodes. Have to say I'm not sure what to make of it. For a start, when they rescued the baby from the rising floods it was so obvious it was a doll that it was silly. Of course they weren't going to use a real baby, but it still was so blatantly obvious that it was fake - they may as well have been holding a teddy bear!

Secondly - the pregnant police officer. Apart from her husband & mother finding out in the hospital that she was a month further on pregnancy wise then they both thought. That seemed stupid, what was her plan -to  pretend she'd gone into labour a month early!?

And as for her sneakily sending off DNA details of the dead man in the lift to identify him, even tho it was illegal and she could lose her job if found out, she still did it. But not just that - when a match came back for an alleged sister in France, she rang this sister she knew nothing of, wasn't even 100% sure it was the right person, but still told them sorry but your brother is dead! All very far fetched! 



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I loved it, there is a thread somewhere on it 

its a dwarma - calm down, they were only acting. - besides the doll. And she took the child out in her chair which I thought was dim....

and yes third trimester pregnant mums being irrational was OK - she probably WAS relying on hubby not knowing that it is 9 and not 8 months that baby arrives.

gets more complex iin terms of plotting

We watched it a while back and enjoyed it, a bit different to the usual plots.

Well, Smow, if you have doubts now, they will only grow as you continue watching.  I won't spoil it for you, but it has a hugely unsatisfactory ending.

the ending was.... hey we gardda have a second series!

Exactly, PP.  Maybe they have to recoup the money they spent on the 'flood' set and use it again.

I enjoyed watching it different but it was a good watch.

I also gave up on it. Just couldn't believe that anyone would house the obnoxious inlaws whatever the circumstances. Especially when they go and replace some of the furniture. That wouldn't even happen on Prime Suspect, which, as many of you will know, is, imho, one of the most unbelieveable series ever to darken our tv screens.

I gave up after one episode. Very disappointed.

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Lots of different answers - all v interesting. So they've planned a second series already? 

it is a dwarma, not life

Spoiler - body in a lift is a slam dunk - no water in the lungs so cdnt have drowned....How did they get a drowned car out of the flooded garage - just jump in and start it?

In 'bent copper' real life - he goes to prison, the author convict begins at a nick 1952 and at the end of the month Sarge hands him an envelope with £25 in it - - 'your share'. The first of many. he was in. You know John Lennon complained he had drugs planted on him? Oh God well he would..... - he (Jarn that is! yeah peace man) had. The bent copper had done it, just a part of a days work. Dont do the book: he (Bendy) takes and takes and then goes to prison. There, saved you £5.

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After The Flood….. Don’t Read On If You’ve Recorded But Not Started Watching Yet!

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