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Withdrawal Symptoms - The Traitors

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naomi24 | 16:50 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Now it's finished I think I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms so I've started watching the Australian version on iplayer.  Part way into the first episode - it's not bad.  Some interesting characters - some I suspect not what they claim to be - and that's before the Traitors are appointed.



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Can't say I'm tempted by the other versions, don't know why.  I have just finished Inheritance, recorded last year.  A satisfying drama with a good ending 

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I watched the American one last year.  It was filmed in the same castle but introduced by a actor - Scottish I think -  Alan Cumming - who did it well.  That was good.


The Australian version in set in a hotel in Australia.

I couldn't watch the American version because of Alan Cumming, I find him very unlikable. 

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I didn't know him before that but he did it well.  I've read more about him since and I can't say I like what I've read.  I would still watch him doing that though,

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Withdrawal Symptoms - The Traitors

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