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The Traitors - Australian Style

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naomi24 | 13:54 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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The British version just having finished, and me suffering withdrawal symptoms, I ventured into the Australian version on BBC iplayer.  The first series under my belt - with another 'hold your breath' final - it was well worth the watch so I'm now into series 2.  For anyone else suffering similar 'pangs', I would recommend it as a remedy.



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Love it Naomi just binge watched series 2 ...brilliant. 

series 2 of australia is the most entertaining series of The Traitors anywhere in the world 

enjoy ;) 

Loved the bloke who decided he could row and sank his boat trying to pick up puzzle pieces

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I watched the second episode in series 2 last night and with all the sneaky goings on was very tempted to sit up very late and go for the third - but I resisted.  Roll on tonight!  

I finished series 1 last night (very good, I was happy for the winner, they played brilliantly) & watched 3 episodes of series 2, also very good so far 😃

Rating were so low for S2 in Oz the show has been cancelled, mainly blamed on one particular contestant causing viewers to switch off.

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Oh, I thought there were three Australian series.  That's a shame.  What a disappointment.  

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Finished watching series 2 last night.  Oh my goodness!!!  What an ending!   Superb!

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The Traitors - Australian Style

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