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After The Flood

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barry1010 | 09:15 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Starting watching last night with no great expectations - absolutely hooked, watched three episodes and will continue this evening.

Anyone else watching?  I like Sophie Rundell, nice to see her in a more contemporary role.  She was also in Gentleman Jack and is it coincidence that the theme tunes have a similar tone?




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Lol I disliked breaking bad too!

Glad you enjoyed it Barry - have you tried the 2nd series of Vigil - far better than the first series

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I have it recorded and ready to watch.  We enjoyed the first series. Suranne Jones and Martin Compston can do no wrong as far as we are concerned.

Binged it all in 2 sessions!

We viewed it in 2 sessions. 
im not sure what to say, although I did enjoy some of it I'd not recommend it .

what a dodgy town they lived it . Everyone was a villian.

its been laid open for a second series .


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After The Flood

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