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Silent Witness

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Vagus | 11:03 Tue 16th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I used to really enjoy this when it first came out with Amanda Burton was in it.
I now find it a bit disappointing whenever I manage to watch a whole episode, it all seems a bit slow and dreary. I keep giving it a go though, in the vain hope it'll improve.

Anyone really enjoy it?




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I watched it last night for the first time in a while and was dismayed to find Dr Alexander and the lumbering Irishman were an item.

Looks like my ambitions have been thwarted. 😍

Question Author

Oh heck Doug, that's a shame 💔

I used to love it to then it went from unrealistic to just plain daft with Jack chasing people with guns and the two of them getting into all sorts of scrapes.  Doing the job of the police


Last week's was slightly better, I've yet to watch last night's.

It seems we see much less forensic science and far more punch ups.

I keep watching, though

i found last night's especiall grisly to sit thru, and wont be watching the follow up episode


We like grisly

I stopped watching ages back when, as Barry says, they were doing the police's job, taking DNA samples, etc. The team were even sitting in on interviews with suspects and putting questions to them. 

Shame because it used to be a 'must watch' in my house.

It's gone far beyond that, Ken.

Question Author

I like grisly too, and I agree with Barry, not enough forensics and too much amateur detective.

I confess I didn't watch last nights episode as I fell asleep 😴

It was a good programme but I stopped watching a long time ago when it started to go 'woke'. 

the grisly chopping up of organs for me was too close to home.  I dunno what i expected for a forensics program tho 😁

I always try it when it's a new series and am always disappointed. I loved it when the lady in the wheel chair was in it.

Clarissa was great.  Have you seen Liz Carr in stand up? She can be quite filthy 🥴

I gave up on last night's. Whoever decided to cast John Thomson as the detective needs their head felt - his attempt at a London accent was appaling.

And what's with the moronic addition to the team - Velvy.  Is he meant to be a dimwit? 

It's the 27th series, and it shows.

It's lost its appeal for us. We seen it advertised last night and both of us agreed we wouldn't bother watching it again. 


Velvy is far from being a dimwit but was raised in a closed, reclusive Haredi community with little contact with the outside world so has a lot to learn and come to terms with. 

I love it and don't find it woke at all

I thought Liz Carr was very good in it, but having read barry's post at 11.25 I'd give her stand-up a miss.

Still mainly women that get killed, still a man in charge. 

Have a look and decide for yourself, Naomi, she can make me laugh at times. 

but of course it's a black man, so that's okay

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