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The Great Pottery Throw Down Is Back

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pastafreak | 20:29 Sat 06th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Yay! One of my favourite feel good programmes with people creating beautiful things.

Tomorrow...Sunday 7:45pm on c4.



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Never managed to carch it, but t sounds entertaining so thanks for the heads-up.

Yaay and father brown started last week 

I love this too, Pasta.

Will be watching.

Oh yes, brill, I love it 😊

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Pleased I'll have company  😍

Did you catch the one-off 'celeb" special on Xmas day? 

Question Author

I caught the end of it on repeat...I may watch again from the start.

I did Karamia, loved it!

It was very good and a good range of celebrity 

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If I remember I'll watch tomorrow. 

Joe Swash surprised himself and everyone else, I think, the way he took to it. I wonder if he's carried on doing it.

Question Author

If I remember I'll watch tomorrow. 

Question Author

A double reminder should do it! 😄😆😂

Don't know how that happened 

How many times and how soon into the episode will Keith cry?

I find that very endearing

Question Author

Awww...I like his sensitive moments. He loves his art...and loves it when others do it well

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The Great Pottery Throw Down Is Back

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