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The Traitor - Spoiler Alert.

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barry1010 | 10:14 Thu 04th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I've just watched the first episode, not really gripped by anyone yet but I think Sonja/Sonia might be a character.

The dapper, older chap is slightly irritating but could be good viewing.

I was pleased nobody went straight home.

The young woman that leapt out of the boat to grab the shield will soon be banished, they know she's not a team player.

Overall, so far so good. 



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If I'd been a traitor I'd have grabbed one of those shields, firstly because that would portray me as a faithful fearful of banishment and so give the rest mislaced confidence in me, and secondly because it would prevent a real faithful from getting it - thereby leaving them at risk of banishment.  I enjoyed it. 

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Yes,  I think I would too.

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I'm watching the third episode.

I couldn't go on this show, all that hugging and kissing before breakfast every morning.  I couldn't cope with it

Haaa!   They're all 'friends'... aren't they?   ;o)


I've only watched the first and a bit of the second.  I'll catch up with the rest.


I think you and I are the only ABers watching it, barry.

Im watching too.  Enjoying it.

I'm watching, though I will have to get the 2nd episode on i player

... and under pressure.

ooops, wrong thread

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I've watched three episodes now, can't wait for the next one

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The Traitor - Spoiler Alert.

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