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What's Happening To The Bbc Sportsman Of The Year

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DTCwordfan | 21:51 Tue 19th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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It's being held in a flea-pit in comparison to previous years and, as such, very muted in nature...Have they run out of dosh in paying for the likes of Gary Lineker?



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Well the better for it. It went a bit mad gut a while. As always the list of the dead sports stars included people I didn't know had died: John Nuttall. 
And well done to Mary Earps

Question Author

what was Mary wearing - may as well not had the skirt on at all - virtually all visible! Dreadful and not one to save, excuse the pun.

Yep I just said the same thing! 

She definitely looks better in her goalie kit.

I only caught the end and was very pleased with the SPOTY. 

But she could have worn more than lingerie (jealous because I'd look like a whale in a net).

Why@earps? I thought it was Grayson Perry. 😮

The last time I watched this event the late George Best (rip) failed to turn up or was drunk or both. "Bestie" always a great judge and I often wonder  what he would have thought of "Sir Gary" ?

I thought it was a good show. 

Alex Scott's dress was marginally worse than Earps's. 

Good to see Mary's achievements acknowledged by the public, and for women to have as much a part of it all as men. 

Net of the back ...

I was wondering if they were going to overrun the time. I think Gabby must have had someone in her ear telling her to shut them up at times. It felt a bit awkward. 

Des Smith and Fatima Whitbread are doing great work, so I'm glad they did get a chance to speak for a while. 

Top work at 22:23. ☺

Thanks, Douglas, that's high praise indeed ...

She would have looked better in her black frock if she didn't have her knickers showing.  A thong or going *commando would have been better.

* do girls get to be commandos these days?

What's Happening To The Bbc Sportsman Of The Year?

It became Sports Personality of the Year. 

Question Author

Apparently that 'rig-up' - can hardly call it a dress - cost £1460, from a London based designer, Kamo - according to the DT. 

Kamo? I can see her, plain as day!

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What's Happening To The Bbc Sportsman Of The Year

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