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DarceyK123 | 01:38 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Did anyone see it today? It was the Blue Peter anniversary special where they had young kids as the contestants.

One little boy was a cheeky little so and so.

When one of the items lost money, he snapped at the expert (the lovely Tim Weeks) " thats your fault"

And when the host asked if he enjoyed the experience and would he do it again, he repied sullenly "yes but not with him" scowling at Tim again.

I did laugh but what a cheeky little sod.



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Qas he right, though?  

The two items the kids picked made a profit,the box of old toys tim suggested they buy lost money, the  boy was right it was tims fault they lost money,and to add insult to injury tims buy also lost money,they should let them have another go but this time with someone who knows what they are doing,it's hard to believe tim makes a living from antiques.

I'm very cynical about these programmes.  My friends' antique shop featured in one series and it was agreed beforehand that any shortfall from the haggle would be paid up.

Smoke and mirrors for entertainment.

Question Author

Yes it was Tim's fault but its an entertainment show, a bit of fun.  

I dont like seeing  children being rude to adults.

The young boy and girl seemed well mannered to me,the young boy did seem upset because it must have been a big disappointment not to do well on the show after taking tims advice.

Yes I saw. He loved using the word disappointed mostly directed at Tim Weeks.

Barry, I agree.  I actually went to a  Antiques Road Show years ago with a friend who had a picture she wanted to value.  What you see on the television is not how it is  run.  It's rehearsed and the so called experts spend time on the phone investigating.  And you are given a time slot to be televised, etc  etc.

And they pick and choose from the long queue who gets in for a  initial chat with an expert.

I'm not surprised, Countrylover.

I do know that they sometimes contact people local to a roadshow if they believe they have something interesting to bring in.  Local lords and collectors, those sorts of people 

We were there for hours.  My friends picture was  considered worthy of beinng televised and we had to go in a big tent and wait for her  time slot.  It was about 7.30pm  by then.  We were there in total from about 10amband stood in the long queue to get in for hours whilst they did there inspection of who and what could get to see the experts.  Never again!

I wouldn't like that, can't stand crowds, long queues nor hanging around 

I do enjoy watching AR, though, unless it is watches.  So many Rolex lately, and other pricey watches

As for Michael Aspel,who was the presenter back then, occasionally you caught a glimpse of him.  I don't like crowds or long queues either.  It was at Norwich Cathedral and the best part of the day was collapsing into a local Italian restaurant at the end of t.

We do watch it, but it's marred for me now!

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