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smurfchops | 18:35 Fri 01st Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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If the commission on selling is 15% plus vat at 20%, does that mean the auction house take 35% of the sale?



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The VAT is 20% of the 15% so about 18% all in.

No, I think that they take 20%  Vat of the total comission.

Therefore Item sells at £100

comission is £15.00

Vat will be 20% of £15.00

Which is £3.00

Someone can correct me,if I am wrong


Your question should read ...the auction house adds 35% to the sale?

Nosey is correct.  Hammer price £100, total price £118. 


Question Author

Ah, that makes sense.  I can't imagine it would be worth selling anything if you have to give almost half to the auction house! 

Oops, I misread your question. 

The seller pays commission and VAT, too.

If your item sells for £100 and the sellers premium is 20%, you receive £77

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