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Rosie29 | 19:24 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Did anyone see this afternoons episode from Cornwall please ?

I fell asleep and I was wondering how much the painting of the African American woman with the baby on her back went for.

It was valued at £400 to £600 and they were keen to put a reserve on it of £500.

Thanks for any replies.



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try BBC i-Player.....didn't see it. If it was the auction hous​​​​​​​e in Lostwithiel, Jeffrey's, we had a marvellous win African form of a shillelagh, est. 80-120 made £4700....

Question Author

Wow DTC  - how amazing !  X

a complete surprise, one out of 35 lots.....the 'provenance' was that my grandparents brought it back as, what we thought, was a piece of south African tourist tat and my mother used to have it hanging by the front door to deter any AB miscreants or whoever that she thought wasn't welcome.....

£500 I believe, the couple paid £7 at a car boot.  

Question Author

Thanks very much both.

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