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Strictly - Professionals' Dance

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Barmaid | 21:07 Sun 12th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I loved it. I fear I may be having an allergic reaction to my mascara tho, given the eyes are streaming. (On catch up).



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The professionals dance is by far the best part of the show.

I'll go now and find it.  I missed the Layton dance yesterday.  I fell asleep!  Watched it on catchup this evening.  Wow!!  Loved Andreas Bocelli and his daughter.

Watched it!  Just lovely Barmaid x

Who went out tonight on Strictly?


Thank you Toorak

I was annoyed.  Angela Rippon should have gone.  She's been protected by the judges for three weeks now.

Afraid I can't stand Kai Widdrington - overweight and looks like Mr Magoo.  He's 28 and looks about 40!

He's a big bloke, but I don't think him overweight.  He's a great dancer and fitted that part very well.  He looks like a 40s film actor.  Besides, I like a bit of meat on a hunky man. ;0)

He just thinks he looks like a 40s film actor  :)

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CL, I loved Andrea Bocelli too. Didnt think she was a great singer, but she can do a harmony.  Still a very touching performance. 

I really like AR but she should have gone. I feel she's getting the "fantastic for her age" vote. She is great but she's a bit of a one trick pony.

I agree Barmaid.  She's kept herself in good shape and she admits she went to dancing school.  But never been a professional dancer.  I didn't like her look last night though!

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Strictly - Professionals' Dance

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