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Pointless Friday 10 November

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chessington | 08:07 Sat 11th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Hi I missed most of this and walked in the room when Nish said Wyndham-Lewis, does anyone know what this answer was in relation to only my aunt married into the Wyndham-Lewis family years ago and I know Percy Wyndham-Lewis was famous artist and writter TIA



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You could watch it on iPlayer.

It was to do with being the founder of an art society i think

All the answers were people with the surname Lewis, i.e. Martin Lewis, Denise Lewis etc. Wyndham Lewis was a pointless answer.

BBC iplayer, Pointless, series 30 episode 21 (at time 16.07)

Question was Surnames ending Lewis

Pointless was: writer and painter who founded the vorticist art movement.  Answer: Wyndham Lewis

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thank you all, I watched it on iplayer in the end, he was Percy Wyndham-Lewis and related to my aunt.


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Pointless Friday 10 November

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