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Three Little Birds Itvx

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ladybirder | 20:03 Mon 23rd Oct 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Anybody watching?  It's brilliant.  



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Hope there's a second series 
18:14 Tue 24th Oct 2023

yes on episode 4 ,i'm enjoying it x

The London scene outside the party was shot outside my friend's house in Leamington Spa.

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Just starting episode 5, I think.  Still loving it.

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I'll try again.

Is nobody else watching Lenny Henry's 6 parter about the Windrush generation coming to England?  Gets 5* from me.

Must have a look at this.  Afraid my dislike of Lenny Henry has put me off watching until now.

Cannot stand Sir Lenworth, I'm afraid - the epitome of smug.  There's even a prime-time documentary about him on Thursday.

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Don't let that put you off Maggie.  I don't like him either but he's done a brilliant writing job here. I've watched 5 episodes of the series, so one more to go, and I've only noticed LH a couple of times and briefly.  Don't let that put you off.  

Hope there's a second series 

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There's just got to be I think.  BA for you Mally.

The Reina del Pacifico featured in the opening

sequences was a white hulled ship, not a black

one , and had two yellow funnels, not one red

one, why do film/ tv producers make so many 

spottable errors, war time railway scenes with

British Rain insinia is the commonest one.

I'll give it a try - but I can't stand Lenny Henry either.

I thought this was set post Windrush (1948) in 1957. I decided not to watch it because I can't stand LH either but reading your reviews I think I'll have to change my mind

A pity . Missing out on this series because ' I don't like LH. . He's not even in the production. 

I'm obviously not alone

Lenny Henry is in the series. A cameo i think.

Question Author

Yes he is AA, briefly in a couple of the early episodes, blink and you'd miss him but more in the last epsode.

The younget sister got on my nerves a bit in the last episode but it's an OK watch.

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Three Little Birds Itvx

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