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Corrie,A Weepie

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Bobbisox1 | 20:45 Mon 02nd Oct 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Great acting by Daniel Brocklebank ( Billy the Vicar)

I wish my hairdresser Simon would get wed to his partner , I'm sick of saying I want the facsinator to go with the haircut....

one day hopefully ☺️ 



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I thought it was very touching, Bobbi, even though they were only acting.

I believe the vicar is gay for real, the other lad isn't.

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Yes Daniel is gay and he was  to be a partner to the one who plays  Ken's son Daniel 

Very nicely done. About time Corrie had a happy wedding, there's been some corkers over the years 

Yes it was lovely but the 'happy ending' wont last too long as someone dropped a photo of them in the forbidden church so its all going to go pear shaped for the happy  couple soon enough.

But they have had their happy day.

I am somewhat confused, though, because CofE does permit same sex marriage and have married gay vicars

Apologies, I meant blessings, which Paul and Billy's church ceremony was

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Corrie,A Weepie

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