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Anyone See The Lee Mack Quiz Show 3 By 3?

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ToraToraTora | 11:59 Sat 20th May 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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**** Spoiler alert ****


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The Genius of inside no 9 is incredible, I was suspicious when the girl and mum were clueless and then suddenly got the answer on a few things. Then the "fur Q" answer really made me wonder. Brilliant piece of TV.
I didn't watch it - never got on with the programme really, not sure why. I might give it another go on iPlayer sometime.

Spoiler in the link, so don't click it if you don't want to know...!_(Inside_No._9)
Sorry...but it was obvious to me from the start. Lee Mack already has a current quiz show on ITV; BBC2 would never air such a simple format quiz at 10pm; neither would they have a £40000 prize; "mother and daughter" looked like grandmother and grand-daughter to me...etc, etc.
Not watched it.

So did they respond fur Q too ?
Thought it was very clever of Inside No 9. I have it on series link, but it recorded as Lee Mack’s new game show 3 x 3, and just thought my other half had recorded it (although it did say 5 of 6, which I thought was odd but I still went with it). Thought the family was a bit posh for a game show and when they gave right guess answers the penny still didn’t drop. In fact I couldn’t wait to show my husband as it was so unbelievable. Obviously towards the end I realised it wasn’t real, but even then it wasn’t until the announcer said ‘more from Inside No 9 next Thursday’ that I realised it was one of their episodes, hence the 5 of 6 reference and then the subsequent unbelievable events. So well done Inside no 9, even the TV listings were manipulated and the title
3 x 3 was clever too.
I could never see the fascination of The League of Gentlemen, but Inside No 9 is absolutely superb. The episode with Sheridan Smith was an incredibly piece of writing and acting.

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Anyone See The Lee Mack Quiz Show 3 By 3?

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