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Coronation Street

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chessington | 06:49 Mon 08th May 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Did anyone else find it hilarious when Gail was telling David about her stimulator (to help her sleep)?


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Yes there good at those little scenes...light relief between murders, violence and acid attacks
What's Coronation Street?
Yes David played a blinder in the pub, too
Brilliant bit of comedic acting from Jack P Shepherd
Jack is by far Corrie's best actor Margo. Did you know he used to run a drama school for kids?
The last time I saw Coronation Street David was a psycho.
Is he cured?

Sort if Douglas. But he now has a psycho son!
One of the most disturbing fictional scenes I have ever seen on TV was David throwing peanuts at Gail.

I never saw this Barry. Thanks. Great acting from them both.
I watch Classic Corrie and it has reached the point where Richard Hillman(Gail's husband )is doing his hardest to get rid of Audrey. Excellent storylines back then.
I always remember Gail's line describing Richard, 'He's Norman Bates with a brief case'
elliemay--- very tense today. He set fire to Audrey's house. He's like Stephen in today's Corrie.
I agree Barry that was a disturbing scene, but not nearly as disturbing that they still have the same wallpaper.
I had to laugh at one storyline years ago, where Gails' husband crashed the car into the local canal and the episode closed with them all struggling to get out as the car was slowly sinking. Cue music, end of episode. In the next episode, Gail and family are sat in Roys' cafe, deating fish and chips!
"Oh, these chips are nice are nice aren't they?" :o)
Viewers complained about ridiculous storylines back then, also about storylines being dragged out for too long.
Still complaining about the same things.

If some real life serial murderers were copycatted in to a soap (bad idea, it will never happen!) viewers would still stay claim they were unrealistic. I'm thinking of cases such as 'the Yorkshire ripper' where Sutcliffe got away with murdering and attacking many women for years. Real life is stranger than any fiction.

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