A & E Casualty Programme - Bizarre Accident Case!

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Smowball | 00:48 Wed 29th Jun 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Workman was on a job when he slipped with a circular saw!! Went right thru his hand!! Long story short - to try and save his hand he spent 17 hours in emergency surgery - and after adding titanium rods, nerve repair etc etc , they attached the hand to his GROIN to try and heal!!


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The original press release from St George's Hospital, London:

I can't help thinking though that it probably wasn't anything new for the carpenter. After all, he's been through his teenage years, where all young men spend much of their lives with their hands glued to their groins anyway ;-)
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Lol, naughty Chris!! ; )
In plastic surgery it is very common to attach body parts that need a good blood supply to regenerate tissue etc to other parts of the body to achieve this
calmck has said it all.
First, but hopefully not last, laugh out loud of the day. Thank you Chris;-)
i have heard many times of operations whereby body parts have been "stuck" to other parts of the body to "heal". nothing new.

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A & E Casualty Programme - Bizarre Accident Case!

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