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soliloquy | 10:41 Sun 14th Nov 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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Strictly is basically about dancing and dancing is basically steps. Why is it that the television presentation has to show close-ups of the dancers during the dances thus obscuring the feet? On at least two occasions last night, the judges mentioned footwork. Craig referred to one contestant's footwork as "sloppy and haphazard" and Shirley referred to "suspect footwork". A substantial part of the dancing is sacrificed to close-ups which means that viewers do not always see for themselves what the judges have seen.


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It's been the same since the first episode of the first series. When a celeb is especially poor they often use dry ice to totally obscure the bottom of the body.
Many have complained, nothing changes
The program is about entertainment not just footwork technicalities
I don’t watch Strictly for the technical ability of any of the dancers, be they celebrities or professionals. I watch it to be entertained, which it does perfectly.
I also believe that most people who watch it see it as a light entertainment show rather than a serious dance competition. Let’s face it, if it was a serious dance competition why would the likes of Anne Widdecombe , John Sergeant and their ilk, be asked to take part?
isnt dancing also about the frame and bearing?
It's all bogus (from the "sunday" show, to the dresses that cover up the feet, to the judges "spontaneous" comments - shirley last night saying the stopping of the music was a surprise despite the fact they watch the rehearsals) but it's still highly entertaining :)
The judges shouldn't be allowed to watch the rehearsals, then they'd have to make truly spontaneous comments, not prepared ones.

No wonder Anton looks so happy: he's getting about double what he got as one of the pro dancers, no effort required!
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To bednobs.
It is indeed about frame and bearing which are not evident in the frequent close-up shots.
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Would the programme be any less entertaining if we were allowed to watch the dancers without the frequent close-ups?

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Strictly Presentation

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