Cheesy Or What?

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Sqad | 13:48 Sun 20th Dec 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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Ballet lessons at 2 years, been acting all her life......main part in East Enders and when she gave her speech presentation:

" Have been shy and lacked confidence, but after being on Strictly it has given me both confidence and brought me out into womanhood " or what? If you believe that, you will believe anything.

Says Mrs sqad


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She's a good actress.......
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Quite APG.
Those who know her well say her confidence has grown - I don't know her.
Sqad, who is this Marie you talk about ?:-)
from strictly come dancing presumably
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anne Mrs sqad comments.
Maisie is an actress(actor) whatever who plays a major part in East Enders and was in the final of Strictly.

mamy.....right.....says sqad in a definite unconvincing way.
It's true Sqad, I really don't know her.
She was getting on my nerves a bit by the end, and I usually can take or leave people. Maybe it was her acting...
the one i wanted to win didn't - that was harvey
I'm glad Bill won, but if the little cameo they gave Nicola and Katya was anything to go by it Might have been interesting if they hadn't had the virus.
A lot of performers are painfully shy and lack confidence to the point of vomiting before they go on stage or get in front of the camera.
Barbara Streisand refused to perform live for 30 years due to performance anxiety and stage fright.
A lot of singers/actors claim to be shy when being themselves but hiding behind a character gives them confidence. For those of you who remember him, I used to know the entertainer Frankie Vaughan who was a shy man in real life but when he was on stage, he was ten feet tall, full of confidence and could hold an audience in the palm of his hand. It is also said that the Queen is very shy - you would never think that with all the people she has to meet and converse with but apparently when Philip was there with her, he would encourage her before entering a room full of strangers that she had to meet.
No, don’t know her sqad. Watch neither east Enders or the dancing show .
i didn't know her before strictly as dont watch EE

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