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Katie Price Having Ivf

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smurfchops | 17:26 Thu 13th May 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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It's The Sun FGS....The same paper who posts about Gemma Collin's 3 stone weight loss each week. They are not a's a magazine printed a cheap paper.
well you could complain to the GMC - they take all comers and take every complaint seriously - very seriously
For someone who has been declared bankrupt she seems to be spending a fair bit. Personally I have no time for her. She seems to use her kids, especially Harvey, to keep in the news. I hope the fathers of the other kids are on top of what is going on. I would imagine her life style having a detrimental influence on the children. I am surprised she has not been visited by social services
FGS....People with kids party. She isn't leaving her kids alone.

Donald Trump went bankrupt 6 times and I don't think he curtailed his spending. Give the woman a break. The fathers of the kids could be tooting all weekend for all we know.
call Social Services
//Donald Trump went bankrupt 6 times//

No he didnt Mr Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy.

//It's The Sun FGS.//

Are you saying the story isnt true, you also apppear to be insinuating magazines dont tell true stories also.
Her choice. Honestly, I don't see the point... she'll be married to someone else next month, and he might be fertile.
She is 42, it may not be just him.

Personally I think it is plain daft.
Christ, those teeth on both of them are mesmerising -their dentist should be struck off!
As long I’m not helping pay for it , let her get on with it!
Ymb, I was going by the link. But yes.
Bobbi -why would you be paying for Katie Prices surgery?
If she got it courtesy of the Tax payer which of course she won’t APG
smurfchops - // Whoever gives her IVF should be struck off. //

Fortunately, the withdrawal of a liscence to practice medicine is not determined by the willingness to provide medical services to an individual whom you deem unfit to receive them, simply because you don't approve of her lifefstyle choices.
Anyway the Sun’s a comic!
calmck - she was visited by social services a while back which is why her kids went to live with their Dads. No fit to be a Mum !!

How many has she got? ( that’s how interested I’m am in her ? )
Is she 4x4 ?
Ymf- No he didnt Mr Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy.

You're splitting hairs, he's filed for bankruptcy 6 times for his failed businesses.

Anyhoo, back to the main feature...
She was on Stephs Packed Lunch yesterday. Yeah...she...or they...are going for IVF. Her choice, but I can't help ask "why???"

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Katie Price Having Ivf

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