Bbc Ident - Boiling Water Into Mug

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Rosie29 | 12:16 Fri 13th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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I didnt want to hijack the other thread about BBC Idents - but am I the only person who really really cant bear the sound of the boiling water being poured from high up into a mug ?
There's something about it that sets my teeth on edge and - don't laugh - I have to mute it . It would be good to know I'm not the only one. Horrible Horrible !


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Does it make you want to pee?
Question Author
No LB - just put a cushion over my head til it's gone !
This one, Rosie?

Nope. It's just you...
I try to keep the remote by me to mute when necessary, which is quite often;-)
So kind of you to post that for Rosie, Stephen:-)
It's not being poured from high up. It's just you.
I do understand your annoyance Rosie. It's not something I would want to listen to for very long.
Question Author
Yes folks you're right - it's just me :-) x
It’s the opposite for me Rosie, I love the sound and find it very comforting, have often commented about it to my other half.
Good job we’re all different :)

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Bbc Ident - Boiling Water Into Mug

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