Mandalorian And Star Trek Discovery

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Sunk | 23:47 Fri 30th Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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New shows premiered today.

Both brilliant. I am blissful :-)


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I kind of gave up on Discovery, has it got better since Season 1 then?

Mandalorian was pretty good. Solid start, promise of a bigger story to come, roll on next Friday!
I tried Discovery but couldn't really say that I enjoyed it. I went back and watched Star Trek tos and the animated series and enjoyed them both.
I don't get Amazon Prime, so I've not seen Discovery, bar the first couple of episodes. Personally, I prefer The Orville.

Mando is excellent.
I'm intrigued about how Mando Season 2 is going to play out now. All the pre-season hype is that it was going to go big on developing the lore, dragging more stuff in, and I think some were worried that it would go *too* big. First episode I hope will have quelled those fears. On the other hand, I hope it doesn't stay too small, either! Hopefully it will be perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
I love Discovery & Season 3 started 3 weeks ago on Netflix. I'm waiting until early Jan when all 13 episodes are available so I can binge them.
Star trek verse, I gave up on Discovery maybe too soon, but also I only saw the first four Eps of Pickard, which I liked... I will catch up.

Star Wars, I havent seen any Mandalorian but it looks good from clips/trailers I've seen.
I watch Discovery only because its new but still hold the original opinion that, with a pretty good cast, there is to much concentration on one character for whom the actress is not, in my opinion, all that good.
I gave up on Discovery, I should probably give it more of a chance. Mandalorian was excellent, can't wait for next week's!

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Mandalorian And Star Trek Discovery

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